Management Organization
General Incorporated Association Kibbutz Yatsugatake

Philosophy (Purpose)
Our aim is to carry out projects related to building a model for a recycling-based society, with a focus on fostering a sense of global citizenship, and to promote sustainable community initiatives.

10 missions

1. Support for the spread of natural farming agriculture.

In recent times, there has been a notable rise in abandoned farmland due to a shortage of agricultural workers nationwide. Concurrently, we observe a trend towards the consolidation of agriculture into large-scale operations. When farmland is left neglected, it leads to soil, air, and water pollution. To safeguard local agriculture and preserve the environment, it is imperative to adopt farming practices that alleviate burdens on both humans and the Earth. Emphasizing pesticide-free and fertilizer-free methods, we can enhance the environment while nurturing sustainable agriculture, thereby ensuring the well-being of our communities and the planet.

2. Support for the conservation of forests, water resources, and soil environments.

Numerous mountain forests in Yatsugatake have been transformed into artificial woodlands, disrupting the natural ecosystem and leading to landslides, soil degradation, and loss of wildlife habitats. To safeguard the local environment and wildlife, we aim to restore these forests and mountains, creating green spaces and preserving water channels.”

3. Promote matching and improve the health of community members by providing a place for relaxation and learning.

We aim to create a space where community members can come together, interact, and lead healthy lives. Additionally, we are committed to advancing the development of community clinics, hospitals, and other specialized health facilities. Our approach to medical care emphasizes integrative medicine, including alternative medicine, homeopathy, and Ayurveda. Furthermore, we are in the process of establishing care facilities for women, midwifery clinics, and retirement villages where individuals can spend their later years with friends.

4. Contributing to children’s education and providing dietary education.

We will establish various learning spaces for children, leveraging the rich environment of Yatsugatake. With a focus on dietary education, we offer meals at our children’s restaurant using rice and vegetables cultivated on our farm, ensuring safe and nutritious options for children, single-parent families, and those facing financial challenges. Our goal is to foster a community where mutual support thrives.

5. Supporting migration and establishing a base in the Yatsugatake area.

To effectively support individuals interested in relocating or establishing a base in Yatsugatake, we offer comprehensive assistance tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

6. Support for traditional manufacturing endeavors and innovative artistic initiatives.

We will promote and support the culture of manufacturing, which is fundamental to people’s livelihoods. Our initiatives include establishing spaces where individuals can engage in hands-on manufacturing activities such as weaving and pottery, as well as providing conducive work environments. Additionally, we encourage active community involvement in supporting artistic endeavors.

7. Supporting the development and discovery of processed products utilizing local ingredients.

We also offer support for the development of processed and specialty products that effectively utilize local resources. By facilitating production, processing, and sales, we aim to rejuvenate local agriculture and generate employment opportunities. By prioritizing environmentally friendly production processes for our processed goods, we contribute to the health and prosperity of both people and the planet.

8. Research support for the development of sustainable energy.

It is crucial to prioritize the development of sustainable energy over relying on finite underground resources. We are committed to advancing research and development in sustainable energy, particularly focusing on natural sources. We will make all of our techniques and expertise publicly available.

9. Supporting the sustainability and development of regional tourism.

The community will support the development of restaurants, lodging facilities, and sustainable tourism initiatives to promote the Yatsugatake area on a global scale and attract visitors.

10. Support for the research, development, and dissemination of cutting-edge IT technology.

We aim to operate a community using IT.

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General Incorporated Association Kibbutz Yatsugatake

  Kibbutz Yatsugatake administrative office 
  5618 Yato, Oizumi, Hokuto, Yamanashi #409-1502